Set sail onboard a traditional Phinisi boat through the Indonesia archipelago

Want to know what to do next? Then take inspiration from the adventurers who are breaking records in 2018


Steppes To The West

Mongolian adventurer Baigalmaa Norjmaa is walking with a camel caravan from Mongolia to Europe. The route will take the Steppes to the West team through Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France and the UK.

Go to Mongolia: Head to Ulaanbaatar, then go out to the Steppes to stay in a ger camp and enjoy a camel ride of your own. If you go there in July, you can even visit the Naadam festival – Mongolia’s version of the Olympics. Don’t forget to enjoy a few buuz (steamed buns) and a glass of airag before you leave.

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Ice Maiden

The Ice Maiden team from the UK is the first all-female team to cross Antarctica from coast to coast by skis. The 1,000 mile expedition took the team of six soldiers 62 days to complete.

Go to Antarctica: Sail through Drake’s Passage to get your first look at the White Continent. From here you can spend your time exploring Antarctica. Climb aboard a kayak or inflatable Zodiac boat and get up close and personal to the wildlife.

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Maserati Multi70 Team

Giovanni Soldini and his team are attempting to sail the Tea Route, which will take them 13,000 miles from Hong Kong through Java Sea and around the Cape of Good Hope. The current record is 42 days and the Maserati Multi70 Team intend to break it.

Go to Indonesia: Set sail onboard a traditional Phinisi boat through the Indonesia archipelago. Go wildlife watching, kayaking and diving and explore uninhabited islands.

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