Yusof was named the first Muslim woman to ride solo around the world on a motorcycle

In celebration of women around the world, we highlight the female adventurers who are blazing a trail for others…  


Sarah Outen

In 2015, British adventurer Sarah Outen completed her London2London: Via the World challenge, which was a 4.5 year expedition that saw her row, cycle and kayak over 20,000 miles. She talks about her adventure in Dare To Do, which hit the shelves in November 2016.


Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita

Pasang Lhamu was the first female mountain instructor in Nepal. The adventurer who works in the Himalayas and Mount Rainer in the USA, was awarded National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2016.



Kira Salak

The American journalist was given the title of the ‘real life Lara Croft’ by the New York Times. She cycled from Alaska to the Arctic Ocean, kayaked solo from the Niger River to Timbuktu and was the first woman to traverse Papua New Guinea.


Anita Yusof

Yusof was named the first Muslim woman to ride solo around the world on a motorcycle. The 49-year-old lecturer and mum of two didn’t pick up a bike until the age of 37, but on 13 September 2015 she left Ipoh in Malaysia to ride 65,369km around the world and return on Malaysia Day (16 September 2016).


Marin Minamiya

The 21-year-old student became the youngest Asian to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam. This means she climbed the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and conquered the North and South Poles. She achieved all of this when she was 20.


Cassie de Pecol

In February 2017, de Pecol became the fastest woman to see all 196 nations in the fastest time possible. She gave herself three years to complete the task, but smashed the record by visiting all the countries within 18 months and 26 days. She now plans to travel to Antarctica.


Laura Bingham

Bingham cycled 7,000 km across South America using only what she had in her panniers to survive on. Her next adventure will be starting a family with husband Ed Stafford.


Tara Mulvany

Sea kayaking guide Mulvany decided to push her skills to their limits when she decided to circumnavigate New Zealand by kayak in winter. She started out paddling with a team mate, but completed the task on her own. She now works as a guide in Antarctica.



Suzanne Al Houby

Palestian-born adventurer Al Houby became the first Arab woman to conquer the seven summits when she reached the top of Denali in June 2016. She runs an adventure company in the UAE to inspire the young to leave the smartphones behind and hit the mountains.


Barbara Hillary

Hillary was the first African American woman to reach the North and South Pole. But what makes her expedition truly amazing is that the lung cancer survivor was 79 years old when she reached the South Pole in 2011. Hillary is now inspiring other women as a motivational speaker.

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