Head of Africa (DB)

Victoria was born and raised in a Namibian national park, to a career conservationist father and artist mother. She had the privilege of spending her childhood surrounded by individuals devoted to conservation and free to explore the bushveld and desert. Some of her favourite childhood memories include exploring the desolate skeleton coastline of Namibia, sleeping out under the stars in the Namib desert and walking in the veld with her father teaching her how to identify and recognise the signs wild animals leave behind – allowing her to track and then observe them, quiet as a mouse from just a few meters away.

After leaving school Victoria quite accidentally started what was to become a 14 year career working in some of the most remote and luxurious properties around Southern Africa and the Seychelles. The last few years she has been living and working in Cape Town, South Africa for a luxury eco-tourism company that specialises in running exclusive luxury lodges in a number of African countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles, Kenya and Rwanda.

Working for Lightfoot as a Travel Designer and looking after its African sales, Victoria is excited to build and design journeys for travelers that will ultimately leave them with wonderful lasting memories and yearning to return to Africa, time and time again. Growing up, working and spending time in these wild and stunning places has allowed her to learn and appreciate the value of sustainable conservation in Africa (as much as any other in the world!), and the vital role that the discerning  traveler has to play therein to secure it remains tangible and survives for generations to come.