Group Marketing Manager (SG)

Born and bred in England, Lexi has spent many a holiday travelling around Europe, from the Alps to weekend city breaks and her favourite beach escape, Cadaques in Spain. When the opportunity came to take a year out, Lexi jumped at the chance and headed straight for South America, travelling extensively around the continent, learning (well, attempting to learn!) Spanish in the process and staying with local families who gave her a true insight into the countries and their culture.


After university London beckoned and Lexi put her love and experience of travel into a job, and was lucky enough to expand her travel repertoire in the process. She spent six years working for two of the UK’s leading tour operators, gaining experience on the sales side before moving over to marketing and has never looked back. Now based in Singapore, Lexi has started to rapidly tick new places off her bucket-list, and is looking forward to exploring more.

Morning dip in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand