North Island


Enjoying splendid isolation in the Seychelles, North Island is an eco-friendly, conservation-orientated private island with four white-sand beaches and an interior of coconut palms and takamaka trees surrounded by rocky outcrops. With tailor-made service and excellent facilities, this enchanting island offers barefoot luxury at its best.

The 11 spacious and super-stylish villas have been individually handcrafted using natural materials. Each villa has been built to ensure maximum privacy and features a separate living room, indoor and outdoor showers, plunge pool and fully retracting doors to allow uninterrupted views across the Indian Ocean.

Dining on North Island is a highlight as every meal is prepared to your exact personal tastes and requirements. Guests are served at exotic dining settings such as secluded beaches or on the pool deck.

Rejuvenate with a pampering treatment at the exotic spa or cool off in the pool. There’s also a gym for those who want to burn off excess energy.

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North Island, Seychelles, Africa

Kick-off your shoes and prepare for paradise at North Island in Seychelles. Unsurprisingly, few leave the island during their stay, apart from to try out some of the watersports. Driftwood, granite, coral, glass, and textured textiles showcasing the colors of the sea set the scene throughout. Villas come with decks, open lounges, glassed-in bedrooms, and magnificent open-air showers.

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