As well as the underground network of tunnels, they can also visit the command centre and spy hidden trap doors.

A little extra sneaky tuition that they are sure to love


Visit The Tunnels Of Vietnam

Kids can find out how the Viet Cong kept the French at bay thanks to the historic Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam. As well as the underground network of tunnels that they can explore, above ground they can also visit the command centre and spy hidden trap doors. After all that marching around, you will want to relax so book into Villa Song, a 23-room hotel by the Saigon River.


Discover The Greek Ruins By Bike

Get your culture fix by taking a cycling tour around some of Greece’s most famous sights. Start your trip with a tour of the Ancient Agora, the Kerameikos, the Roman Agora and then on to the Ancient Theatre of Dionyssos and Plaka. Mum and dad can ease those muscles afterwards by booking into the spa at Hotel Grande Bretagne. Why weren’t all Classics lessons like this?


Go Rafting In The Sacred Valley

It can be hard to get kids to concentrate for that long, so whizz through the Sacred Valley on a white water raft. The trip will take you from Pachar to the amazing Inca terraces in Ollantaytambo. Here you’ll be able to hike around one of the last remaining Inca towns and discover an array of archaeological sites.


Make A Terra Cotta Warrior

Arty kids will love this fun twist on a history class. Take a trip to Xi’an where you will be able to find the Terra Cotta army that was discovered by a farmer in 1974. You will then be able to visit one of the Terra Cotta factories nearby to find out how the warriors were made and how to create your own.


Visit A Volcano Village By Jeep

Kids will learn about history and geology when then take a Jeep ride out to Merapi Mountain in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You will also spy the gigantic rocks that were thrown out of the volcano during the eruption.

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