Photographer AJ Heath travelled to the wilds of Bhutan to find out what makes the citizens of Bhutan, the happiest people on Earth

Famous for basing the strength of its economy on the Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product, the country of Bhutan is said to be home to the happiest people on Earth. So photographer AJ Heath decided to find out what puts a smile on their faces.

What makes you happy? "Getting good marks at school." - Kinga, primary school student
What makes you happy? "Being a royal bodyguard and protecting our royal family is a great honour and that makes me feel happy and proud." - Tenzin, royal bodyguard
What makes you happy? "Running in the beautiful Bhutanese landscape." - Yeshi, 14, student
What makes you happy? "Eating CFC Gahah [Bhutanese version of KFC]." - JImme, 20, student
What makes you happy? "Single malt whisky in the evenings." - Thinley, 42, miner
What makes you happy? "Dancing with my crew - Druk Generation." - Sangay, 17, student
What makes you happy? "Happiness comes to me when I see other people smile. And when I'm the reason behind those smiles :-)" - Sonam, 21, student
What makes you happy? "Beatboxing makes me happy." - Jigme, 15, student

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