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Luxury Hotels in Asia

There is no lack of luxury hotels in Asia. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly resorts in Cambodia, stylish central hotels in Japan, or opulent palace stays in India, Lightfoot Travel can recommend hotel options that cater specifically to your preferences and come with the highest level of service, amenities, excursions and experiences.

Enhance your travels to Beijing by staying at Aman at the Summer Palace, a series of historic dwellings just steps from the Summer Palace grounds. Beautiful suites surround an internal courtyard featuring an intricate latticework of pathways, gardens and trees.

With stunning Indian architecture, lavish interiors and unparalleled levels of service, the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur, Rambagh Palace will appeal to discerning travellers seeking exceptional comfort and grandeur. The hotel offers once-in-a-lifetime moments like a tour of the city in a vintage car or a romantic hot air balloon ride over Jaipur.