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More than 200,000 photographers from around the world picked up their cameras to snap scenes for the Sony World Photography Awards 2017. Among the winning shots were images that captured the life of children around the globe.
NEPAL: “The Believers” by Ajay Maharjan.

Maharjan photographs a Nepalese Hindu youth as he offers oil in a mud pot to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Krishna Janmasthami at Bhaktapur in Nepal.


PAKISTAN: “Happiness” by Shabir Mian

Photographer Shabir Mian was on a photoshoot in the area when he spotted this child, walking on the railway lines, enjoying the rain.


COLOMBIA: “Wendy in Orocué” by Juan Cristóbal Cobo

Juan Cristóbal Cobo snaps this young girl as she relaxes in her hammock and look out through a window at her home at Orocué, Colombia.

Wendy, looks through a window in her home at Orocué, Casanare.

ARGENTINA: “Good Morning” by Federico Nicolas Lagiard

Federico Nicolas Lagiard captures his wife and two young children as they wake up one Sunday morning.


TOKYO: “Going Home” by Jian Seng Soh

Malaysian photographer Jian Seng Soh captures one tired mini commuter after he has spent the day at school.



LITHUANIA: “Ugne, Dovydas ir Egidijus” by Tadas  Kazakevicius

Tadas Kazakevicius captured three children with their beloved dog Meskis when he travelled across Lithuania.


ITALY: “Holy Friday of Enna” by Salvatore  Mazzeo

Salvatore Mazzeo captures two children on one of the most religious days of the year in the mountainous town of Enna, Sicily.

Holy friday of ENNA

INDIA: “Reckless Kids” by Nikunj Rathod
Photographer Nikunj Rathod was in Mumbai when he took this photograph. “I saw a group of kids playing around some junk yard cars, screaming, throwing bottles at each other, fighting. It’s only when I went closer that I realized how reckless they were!” says Rathod.


UAE: “Transportation” by Mustafa Jindi

Mustafa Jindi thought that this painting captured the past and future of the UAE perfectly. Jindi immediately thought of his own son and his fondness of his toy car and this traditional outfit so he decided to photograph them together.


UK: “The Cub” by Tim Topple

This shot couldn’t be planned. “It’s a photograph of one of my twin daughters, taken at an opportune moment when she was in her own world, moving along to some internal rhythm. Entirely spontaneous,” says Tim Topple.


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