Tucked into almost 1 million square kilometres, you could almost say South Australia has some of the best experiences the country has to offer.  Stellar wine and gourmet experiences, Aboriginal culture, the great Outback, a proficiency of diverse wildlife and staggeringly beautiful coastal scenery. Here’s our three favourite Barossan experiences that are an absolute must!

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Known as the home of Australian wine and the birthplace of some of the biggest names in the industry, the lush vineyards of Eden Valley and Barossa are just an hour’s drive from Adelaide. Pick up your rental car, enjoy the scenic drive, and you can be checked into your beautiful choice of accommodation within a couple of hours – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

More than just a tour of the vineyards, we encourage our clients to really get under the skin of this premium wine country to experience it from different angles.

The-Louise-Breakfast-with-the-Kangaroos BLOGBack to Nature Breakfast

Most people forget there’s much more than wine and food in Barossa, with plenty of nature amongst all the vineyards. Lightfoot especially likes the wonderful combination of enjoying an epicurean breakfast while observing wildlife in its natural habitat. The Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park is home to kangaroos, kookaburras, native grasses and colourful flowering vegetation. Picnic on champagne and delectable nibbles as your guide explains the intricacies of your surrounds.

Bright Yellow Barossa Cruising

Rather than having to drive yourself from vineyard to vineyard and stress over your alcohol intake, we recommend having a driver take you around. However, why travel by car when there are other, much cooler vehicles to travel in!

We especially love sailing over the Barossa by air in a R44 Clipper II or Bell 206 Long Ranger. Each of these nifty gliders are flown by the Kies family, who have been piloting them over the area for the last decade. The Long Ranger can take more people but we tend to prefer the R44 for a cosier, more intimate experience.

If you’re afraid of heights and would rather remain on firm ground, satisfy your need for speed with Tony in his trike, what we call a supercharged www.sildenafilcitrateotc.com/ mash-up of bike and open-air carriage. Prepare to be biker chic, but if you haven’t got the gear, Tony will gladly provide jackets, sunglasses and even a bandanna. There’s even storage space in the trunk for a bottle or two, cheese and other produce you might like to take with you as zip through the fields with the wind in your hair.

Most Brilliant Blend

At the internationally renowned Penfolds winery, don your lab-coat and commence your blending experience in the Winemaker’s laboratory. This is a great experience as your instructor explains the intricacies of each type of grape and the possible flavours you could concoct. Chemistry was never quite this fun in school was it? At the end of the session, sit back in satisfaction as you are presented with a personalised bottle with your name on it as Assistant Winemaker.

After the wine blending head to Hentley Farm for a private lunch followed by further wine tasting. While you’re at lunch, your bottle will be delivered to Chef Mark McNamara for the ultimate food-pairing dinner. Mark is executive chef of the Appellation at The Louise, recognized as a world class dining destination in South Australia. Chef McNanara and his team are passionate advocates for freshness, seasonality and regionalism. Your dinner menu will fuse these three and is influenced by the unique taste of your self-crafted wine.

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