Think you’re too young for a bucket list? We don’t! When it comes to travel bucket lists we’ve been making ours for years, and the fact that it now covers many notebook pages is testament to that. For this post we’ve chopped it down to our ten favourite journeys of 2016. Make sure to drop us a line if any of them strike your fancy!

Dream Destination 1: Alaska & Vancouver

The Wrangell/St. Elias mountain ranges are a remote wilderness paradise – volcanoes, glaciers, bears, goats, moose, gold and copper – and the highest coastal mountain range on earth. We highly recommend some of these amazing activities to best experience your surroundings.

  • Trying an Air Safari Adventures, where you can land on untouched regions of Alaska with absolutely stunning scenery
  • Gourmet Experiential Dining to sample the freshest local ingredients
  • Hiking And Trekking on Alpine Tundra, Glacier Ice or through Boreal Rainforests
  • Salmon and Trout Fishing
  • River Rafting and explore places inaccessible by foot or any means of transport
  • Downhill Sledding on Glaciers (at any time of the year!)
  • Wine & Cheese Luncheon on the Icefield (in the middle of the world’s largest non-polar glacier!
Bears fishing for salmon
Bears fishing for salmon

Dream Destination 2: Brazil & Argentina

On Lightfoot’s spectacular 16-night trip to Latin America, you will start your adventure in Brazil spending a few days soaking up the historic and cultural splendour of Paraty, and enjoying its beautiful coastline and crystal clear waters. Next, make your way to Rio de Janeiro, the sunny city of carnivals and samba beats. Soak in Salvador’s natural beauty of isolated beaches, verdant coffee plantations and volcanic ranges before relaxing in Trancoso – a captivating seaside village known for its white, semi-deserted and reef-protected beaches. Finish off your Latin American adventure in Argentina’s Buenos Aires, a traveler’s paradise surrounded by beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and oozing vibrant culture. Highlights include:

  • Exploring the islands of Costa Verde by ‘Espelho d’agua’
  • Viewing Christ the Redeemer perched atop Corcovado, and Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Sipping caipirinhas on Fasano’s rooftop, overlooking the local ‘Cariocas’ on Ipanema beach
  • Taking a boat down the El Tigre delta
Thundering Iguazu Falls
Thundering Iguazu Falls

Dream Destination 3: Antarctica 

Jumping over Cape Horn and the mythical waters of the Drake Passage, ANTARCTICA XXI takes you to one of the most spectacular and remotest places on earth. Sail to the far south, and be one of the few adventurous travellers to cross the Antarctic Circle. On this trip you’ll experience more than just spectacular sights:

  • Visit the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Zodiac excursions in small groups, where you can hike to extraordinary sites otherwise inaccessible by boat
  • Learn from expert polar guides through illustrated presentations, who will lead you ashore to interpret the wildlife, the history and the many wonders of the Antarctic environment.
  • Enjoy spectacular views from the comfort of your luxury cabin

Dream Destination 4: Iceland Winter Odyssey

A land of fire and ice, it sounds like something out of a fantasy novel. But Iceland is truly a destination that conjures up images you’d think only the imagination could dream of. From exploding geysers and thundering waterfalls to steaming hot pools and rugged coasts, we highly recommend some of these amazing activities to get the most out of your extraordinary surroundings.

  • Natural geothermal spa at the Blue Lagoon
  • Husky dogsledding through Haukadalur valley
  • Thorsmork safari tour with an Icelandic BBQ
  • Exploring stunning glacial lagoons and valleys in your mountain vehicle
  • Scenic helicopter ride over the famous volcano Eyjafjallajokull
  • Snowmobiling on Myrdalsjokull, Iceland’s fourth largest glacier
  • Spectacular waterfalls of Hraunfossar and Barnafoss
  • Visiting Hallmundarhraun, one of Iceland’s longest and best known lava caves
  • ‘Journeying to the centre of the Earth’ at the Snaefellsjokull crater

Banner Iceland_hedinsfjordur-auroraborealis-iceland


Dream Destination 5: Greece

Indulge yourself in some of the best that the Mediterranean has to offer with Greece’s most beautiful islands. Start off in the picture perfect seaside town of Santorini, known for its dreamy white washed houses, stunning sunsets and multicolored beaches tainted with different hues of volcanic rock. The Tsitouras Collection is perched on a cliff edge 1000 feet above the dark blue sea where you will be spoilt by uninterrupted vistas across the caldera. Depart Santorini by helicopter and fly to Amanzoe near Porto Heil flanked by undulating olive groves and panoramic views of the Peloponnese coastline and the island of Spetses. Highlights include:

  •  Sailing around Santorini in a private catamaran past volcanos, red and white beaches and hot springs
  • Vineyard and  winery tours
  • Full or half day chartered cruises around Santorini or in the Amanzoe area
  • Visit the archaeological sites such as the Sanctuary of Asklepios  or the legendary citadel of Mycenae
  • Waterskiing in one of the region’s sheltered bays
  • Mountain biking on off-road tracks through ancient pine forests or hilltop olive groves
Multicoloured Santorini
Multicoloured Santorini


Dream Destination 6: Portugal

Portugal is Europe’s westernmost corner where “the land ends and the sea begins”, according to the epic poet Camões. During our 11-day journey across Portugal you will experience 11th and 12th century medieval castles, World Heritage Site Monasteries in the unique Manueline style, small white-washed villages, coastal areas with some of the world’s best seafood, and much, much more. Highlights include:

  • Private sailing on a luxury yacht along Lisbon’s coast
  • A visit to the most famous pastry shop of Lisbon “Pastéis de Belém” (est. 1837)
  • Special “Fado night” in Lisbon including live Fado musical performance and dinner
  • Private visit and lunch with the owners of Quinta de Santana winery
  • Gourmet experiences in local restaurants as well as Michelin Star Restaurants
  • Mussel harvesting on the Atlantic Coast followed by a cooking class at Areias do Seixo
  • A private Cruise  on a Vintage Boat in the River Douro, with a gourmet lunch on Board
  • “Night at the Museum” –  Exclusive private access to the Stock Exchange Palace at Night
  • Farewell “dinner with the chef” at the Michelin starred restaurant, The Yeatman
Portugal's charming castles and landscape
Portugal’s charming castles and landscape


Dream Destination 7: South of France 

Embark on an experiential 12 days of indulgence and luxury with a journey to the South of France. Experience the high-life of Cannes and Monaco, saunter through quintessential French Riviera villages, and tantalise your palate with the freshest and finest cuisine of Southern France. Highlights include:

  • A panoramic flight by helicopter to see the Monte-Carlo bay from the Sky
  • Luxury super-yacht excursion from the Cannes marina, cruising to a Monastery dating back to the year 410
  • Dining at the gastronomic restaurant specialising in truffles cuisine, “Chez Bruno”
  • Making your own unique perfume at the prestigious French Perfumery lab, in Grasse
  • A helicopter ride to Marseille, the European Capital of Culture, home of contemporary art, urban culture, Provençal paints, opera, and contemporary music
Le village d'Eze
Le village d’Eze


Dream Destination 8: Papua New Guinea

The True North first visited untamed Papua New Guinea in 2005, and the last 8 years has continually refined their expeditions to offer the best of one of the last frontiers on earth. On the ‘Adventure in Paradise’ expedition in 2013, join specialist ecologist Dr Mark Erdman in West Papua and marine biologist Dr Andy Lewis in Papua New Guinea on a voyage packed with fascinating experiences from the Bismarck Sea to the beautiful Louisiade Archipelago. Cruise over the active volcano at Rabaul in the ship’s helicopter, and visit the stirring Isurava memorial on the Kokoda Track. Our highlights include:

  • Diving and snorkelling at Lissenung Island, a world-class diving destination
  • A scenic helicopter ride above the spectacular volcanoes of Rabaul, once described as the most beautiful town in the South Pacific
  • Exploring the dense jungle and mighty rivers of the beautiful Jacqinot Bay area on comfortable expedition boats
  • Scuba diving or mackerel fishing  as you cruise the beautiful fjords of Tufi
  • A morning jungle walk on Ferguson Island where you can spot countless varieties of birds and rare species of butterflies
  • Visiting the Renard Islands, which offers some of the best snorkeling that Papua New Guinea has to offer
Spectacular diving in Papua New Guinea
Spectacular diving in Papua New Guinea


Dream Destination 9: Sailing Komodo Island

One of the best ways to explore the Indonesian Archipelago is on a privately chartered boat, and one of our favorites is the magnificent Silolona. The Komodo-Flores region is a perennial favorite noted for diving, spectacular pink sand beaches, and as the native habitat of the Komodo dragon. This magnificent area has been a long kept secret for many years, but in 2012 Komodo National Park was officially voted one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Nestled in the tranquil Banda Sea, lies an enchanted fragment of history, the center of the Spice Island trade, a tiny island that was once traded for an equally tiny island named Manhattan. Stroll through the world’s oldest nutmeg gardens, visit private colonial mansions, and savor the remnants of Banda’s once glorious past soothed by the trade winds and the idyllic charms of these now forgotten islands. Highlights include:

  • Viewing Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat
  • Exploring of the best dive and snorkel sites in the world, with your personal dive master
  • Sailing through the famed spice islands
  • Relaxing on the magnificently luxurious Silolona
All aboard the luxury Silolona
All aboard the luxury Silolon


Dream Destination 10: Space

After preparing with your crew for two or three days, you will be ready to board Richard Branson’s highly-anticipated Virgin Galactic. At 50,000 feet it’s not really an activity for the faint at heart, as you hurtle through the far reaches of the atmosphere. If you can bear to open your eyes, make sure you watch the sky change colours out the windows – from cobalt blue to mauve and indigo before finally dipping to black. Highlights will include:

  • Hurtling through the atmosphere’s edges as the spaceship takes off from Earth and accelerates to nearly 4 times the speed of sound
  • Experiencing the freedom of zero gravity as you float weightless in the spaceship
  • Enjoying a view that only a handful of people in the history of the world have ever experienced before





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