Stuck for what to buy those travel addicts in your life? Then take a look at these goodies that are sure to leave them giddy when they find them in their Christmas stocking.
lilyLily Camera

Go Pro is so over, Lily is so now. Just throw this drone camera into the air and it will use a simple tracking device to follow your movements. So whether you’re swooshing down a piste, paddling down a river or trekking through the mountains, it will capture your travels from on high. Just pop it into your rucksack and pull it out when you want to shoot your adventures. Approximately USD999. See



Louis Vuitton’s City Guides 2015

Luxury guru Louis Vuitton has launched this new lacquered wood boxset for 2015. It features insider guides to 15 cities. Within each guide a special guest gives you their own take on their city. For instance Prince M L Poomchai Chumbala offers some glamorous suggestions for Bangkok, while actor Guillaume Gallienne gives you some top tips for Paris. There’s no doubt that travel fans will want to add this baby blue box to their bookshelf. Available from Louis Vuitton stores.

flight 001 wash bags

Flight 001 bags

Travel fans will love these six cotton bags that will help you organise your suitcase. No longer will they have to rifle around in their bag for their charger, have their shoes going rogue in their bag or have to empty everything onto the floor every time they want to find their mosquito spray. Priced $65. Visit



Mous Musicase

Cute but clever. This iPhone case will stop you getting your earphones damaged when you are on the road. Your headphones are stored in the back of the case. You pull them out when you want to use them and then use the dial to retract them back into the case when you’re finished. The case is made out of the same material as riot shields so you don’t have to worry about damaging it either. Priced GBP19.99. Visit


carry on cocktail old fashioned

Carry On Cocktail Kit

You might be travelling economy, but you can still feel like you’re flying first class with The Carry On Cocktail Kit. Choose from three different tipples – The Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic and Moscow Mule. Each kit comes with every thing you need to whip up a cocktail at 30,000 feet. From $19. Visit


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