[If] you’re one of the last passengers to check in, chances are they’ll upgrade you to fit more bodies on board

While we would all like to fly first class all the time, realistically it may not be that feasible. While these seven tips are by no means guaranteed, they have all been known to see a passenger turn left


1. Dress Well

It’s not the most innovative way to be upgraded, but it still holds true. We know of one passenger who arrived at check in wearing flip flops and she was asked if she had proper shoes. A quick change out of her beach shoes saw her being handed a business class ticket.

 2. Check In As Late As Possible

Now we don’t want to be held responsible in any way for missed flights, so please time this well and err on the side of caution! But if your flight is fully booked with a list of people on standby and you’re one of the last passengers to check in, chances are they’ll bump you up a class to fit more bodies on board.

3. Check In With Someone Already In Business

Again, this helps with a full flight. If you’re with a friend who is travelling business, wait in the business class line and check in together. If they’re upgrading people in order to make space in economy class, you’re a good candidate by already being in the business class line.

Airline upgrade_Business Class_NG-JCL-Seat

4. Travel On Your Birthday

While this is less likely on full flights, it would take a cold-hearted airline staff member to send you to the back of an empty plane on your special day. Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air automatically upgrade all Marco Polo Members Silver and above, and Turkish Airlines will serve a mid-flight celebration cake to all Miles&Smiles members travelling within three days of their birthday or wedding anniversary. Okay, that’s not an upgrade but who says no to cake?

5. Fly To And From Your Wedding

For the same reasons as above. If you’re carrying your wedding dress on board, make sure there’s a clear panel in the dress carrier so it’s obvious what it is. Or be very vocal about telling people you are heading to your wedding.


6 Be Loyal To Your Airline

If you fly quite frequently for work and have a few flights on your schedule ask for an upgrade. They are more likely to thank you for your loyalty when they can see that you are about to fly again with them and soon.


7. Go For Broke And Just Ask

This will probably only work a handful of times in your lifetime, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. Strike up a conversation with the check-in person and who knows, they could be having a good day and want to do someone a favour.

Airline upgrade_First Class Singapore Airlines_first-tf-700x396


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