Hi Melissa,

Heads up on Sri lanka : Fantastic!

We had a great time and nearly everything was running smoothly (which is a huge achievement)

Jims FarmVilla: loved it. In addition to the 2 existing bungalows they have built now a 3rd one and we have supposedly been the first ones to reside in this room. Beautiful view, will be even better in a few weeks/months from now when the spa underneath the rooms is fully functional. They had the soft opening when we arrived. Staff is great, girls loved the daily tuk-tuk rides, food is excellent.

Safari: Minneryia wasn’t possible due to recent weather (water) so elephants all moved on. We visited instead eco-park (just around the corner of sirigiya rock) and were super happy with it. Saw lots of elephants, truly impressive.

Warwick gardens: loved it. Outstanding staff. Great food.

Jetwing: Upali was a great guide, very knowledgeable and committed. Very nice to the girls. Super reliable. We couldn’t have had a better one. On the way back home to Colombo he arranged a stop in a tea-factory (nice!) and a spice & herbs garden.

Again, we loved every minute of this week. Thanks again for organizing this!!!


PS, Sri Lanka, Feb’ 15