Hi Josie,

I enjoyed the stay at Kamalaya and had a good time. Indeed it is a different kind of experience. Must also say it’s well suited for singles and single female traveller. Nice resort and quiet. No noisy crowds or kids running around. Very chill indeed. 

Signing up a package makes life easy especially for people like me who have a hard time planning. Flip side is it clashes with some of the free activities. Can’t have it all I guess!

The detox menu selection was harder than I expected. The food tasted good but so little one can  eat! This part I did regret at some point and had cravings for carbs and meat. But that said, I did feel good after the program.

All in, I am very happy with the trip. Happy with the resort and it remains on my ‘go back’ list. 


ML, Kamalaya, Aug’ 15