Hi Kieran,

Sri Lanka was wonderful! Thanks so much for the arrangement and recommendations. We are very happy with the entire trip, and the hotels were lovely. Ulagalla was our most favorite, and Sigiriya was the best site. The tour guide who showed us around Sigiriya was also very professional, helpful, and awesome photographer!  

Lastly, the team on land were such lovely chaps. We had dinner on our last evening and even sneaked a bottle of wine in the car (as it was a full moon holiday). We have been telling our friends about our trip and recommending Lightfoot to them. Hope the uptake will occur soon!

It was definitely one of the most spoiled trip of ours and we hope we followed most of the local customs as much as possible. I did try to eat with my hands (yes I did use the wrong one) on our last night. In general we didn’t know how much to tip the tour guides so we gave 1,500 to 2,000 rupees / guide and possibly more for the whale watching crew. Maybe next time you could advise us on the general rule? We were quite generous to our driver but he totally deserved it.


LL, Sri Lanka, Aug’ 15