Hi, Melissa.

I hope that you are well and enjoying being back in Singapore.

Just wanted to touch base to say how much we enjoyed our long weekend in Central Java. Sorry that more than a week has gone by and for the delay but we were in Bangkok for a long weekend returning very late ie the wee small hours of this morning.

Guide & Driver:
Both Arinto & Bagyo were excellent. Arinto spoke very good English indeed (his wife he told us was an English lecturer at the university) and was very knowledgeable. Bagyo, was a very careful, safe driver and was very considerate helping with luggage etc.  The car was in excellent condition too.

Prambanan Temple Site:
We undertook this trip on our arrival in Yogyakarta. The site is fascinating. Once we had finished our visit Arinto and Bagyo worked very hard to avoid the bad traffic jams around the site and en route to The Plataran due to the Vesak holiday. This meant that we ended up seeing rather more of very rural Java that we otherwise might have expected; great!

Borobudor sunrise:
This was very enjoyable despite the fact that it wasn’t the best sunrise. We just thoroughly enjoyed taking everything in at the site.  It is spectacular, isn’t it?!  I am so thrilled to have been there.

Mendut & Pawon:
Again very enjoyable. Arinto suggested that he take us to a local village which welcomes visitors as a way of bringing some extra income into the community. We had a lovely time making taro chips, seeing mat weaving and visiting a very entreprising small scale mushroomfarm. We had a lovely pony and cart ride through the farmland and were given delicious delicacies accompanied by jasmine tea on our return.

Melapi excursion:
This was hugely interesting. Shame that the cloud cover prevented us from seeing the summit of Melapi. We did, however, fly over it the following day. On returning to Yogyakarta, Arinto took us to a Batik workshop where we bought a beautiful piece with three Indonesian masks portrayed.  We then had a good lunch as arranged.

On check-in at the The Plataran we were taken to a villa which was immediately adjacent to the building work which is on-going.  We didn’t arrive until 5.30pm by which time it was nearly dark so there were no workman. However, we were very worried that our ‘down time’ on Sunday might be disrupted by noise. When we explained our concerns to the staff we were upgraded to an Executive Villa. This was situated well away from the building works, was huge and extremely comfortable. The food at Plataran is good. We enjoyed both Asian dishes and some very good Italian food.  The staff were all most friendly and welcoming. All in all a lovely stay!

This was our first visit to Indonesia (other than Alastair having had two business trips to Jakarta). We thoroughly enjoyed everything on offer. Thank you for putting this together for us. 

All the best,


KG, Plataran Borobudur, Jun’ 15