Hi Melissa,

Thanks, the holiday was lovely. The plan was very good and we had a great time so thank you for your efforts. Managed to see a lot of Sri Lanka whilst also enjoying the fact it was our honeymoon and having time to ourselves.

Highlight was probably the safari, the driver was very good at spotting things. The hotels were all excellent, food was especially good at Coco Tangalle, Elephant stables had an excellent room and communal areas, also the room and pool area at the Kahanda Kanda were good. Warwick Gardens food was delicious and the scenery and house were beautiful and lastly the Retreat (forget full name) was set in a beautiful location.

Our driver was very good and helpful and along with Sugeewa were always able to help us with our requests. In fact we got to meet the drivers family in Galle which was a lovely thing to do having spent so much time with him. They organised an Ayuvedic appointment at the Amangalle hotel that my wife very much enjoyed.

I would recommend the destination and itinerary to friends. The level of service we received at all hotels was very good and I think we both left Sri Lanka thinking how friendly the people were and how beautiful the country is. Another positive feedback point is that the hotels were quiet and that the weather was mostly very good so it is a perfect time to travel and avoid crowds at places like Sirigiya.

There are only two things that we would have changed. Firstly I got food poisoning at the hotel in Adam’s Peak. Along with some other guests and the driver we all got ill. I understand this happens so I’m not upset about it. In fact it rained overnight and no one climbed Adam’s peak so I didn’t miss out on anything. However it left me a bit ill for a few days. The other thing is that the roads can be very windy and bumpy and I think we both felt a little car sick on one occasion (in the hill country). However this is a developing country so it is to be expected and it is significantly better than I remember Africa being.

Overall though it was excellent, we have great memories of our honeymoon.


JC, Sri Lanka, may 15