Hello Josie,

I wanted to write to thank you for the trip. As a colleague said to me after we returned, it was a trip of a lifetime. Soneva Fushi was exactly what I could want, fitting my personal beliefs and aspired lifestyle regarding wellness, spirituality, environmentalism, natural living… We were told to go barefoot everywhere, we were given bicycles to travel from place to place, we ate outside on the beach everyday.  The spa featured Ayurvedic treatment, I had a private yoga class in an elevated studio with a gorgeous view and a crystal lined floor. The teacher had a masters degree in yoga.  The kids den had great activities, including snorkelling with a marine biologist. My sons, fascinated with animals loved the fish, the shark at the shoreline, the giant turtle we swam over when snorkelling, the hermit crabs on the beach, lizards and flying foxes. The best part of the trip was holding my son’s hand while snorkelling; he was utterly amazed at what he was seeing.

Then, there was the cheese room featuring cheeses from around the worlds, the chocolate room with chocolate sculptures, and the ice cream and pastry room…the food was amazing.

Everyone was pleasant. As we bicycled by everyone greeted us. It felt more like a community than a hotel in many ways.

Thank you so much for a most lovely trip for my family. 

Thank you,


JC, Soneva Fushi, Mar’ 15