Hi Mei Yun,

Wow what a fab place Kamalaya is, I just loved my few days there (very jealous of Camilla still there!).
To be honest there isn’t much I would change. The transfers to and from the airport were on time and good. It was great to be upgraded into where we were as those rooms seemed to be really well located, had good space with a lovely balcony over looking a bit of the sea.

I would go back instantly and would highly recommend it to anyone who was a) looking to just switch off and detox or b) even just to get away and have a quiet weekend away with lovely treatments and yummy food.

The only slightly annoying thing for me was we had to pay for internet in our room. I understand that you are supposed to switch off from the outside world etc.. but I had to be in contact daily with the children to check in as they were ill so it was a bit annoying that I had to pay for that service. Saying that it wasn’t very expensive but i was just quite surprised that the rooms weren’t already set up with internet on tap.

I think its a great place and loved every moment of my short stay there. Hopefully I can go back again soon!!
Thanks for all your help Mei Yun.


EC, Kamalaya, Sep ’15