Hi Melissa,

Truly, we loved Myanmar – the people, the culture, the sights and the rich history. 

First of all, the itinerary you prepared was on point as it gave us what we looked forward to in a trip – good pacing, carefully selected places to see, activities to do, etc. In other words, it had enough variety, so we didn’t get bored. 

Secondly, the choice of hotels was great in terms of having a feel of Myanmar interiors. They were tastefully luxurious, and not over indulgent. Food and drink were reasonable. 

Your local partners were punctual and gracious from the pick ups to the final send off. Noteworthy was tour guide Naing Naing in Bagan. He is a gem being knowledgeable about Buddhism and the temples. He was caring, always ready to assist but not pushy, gave us space when we needed it but was ready to respond to queries with a smile. Mark, who is difficult to please, said that the tour was great, because the tour operator and Bagan tour guide were able to manage everything well. 

The Bagan tour was well curated, and we enjoyed the experiences in trying out Burmese food, going to the local market, having the boat ride along Irrawaddy and going to only selected or important temples. Due to the weather, we missed the two sunsets but that’s okay. We enjoyed the waiting!!

As for the Yangon tour, the rain poured while we started to go around the Shwedagon, but that made it all the more memorable. We didn’t quite enjoy the Chinatown tour as it was muddy and too crowded so we cut that short and went straight to the sidewalk stall for that tasty bowl of noodles.

Overall, I would rate Lightfoot a 10 out of 10 for tour planning, 10 for value for money and 9 for execution. Great job!!!

We would like you to handle our next tour in Laos as we plan to go to Luang Prabang, which my daughter (again) has recommended. As we don’t want to wade through the tourist crowd, we would like to travel off peak season, so please suggest the month. :)

Thanks, Melissa. 


CE, Myanmar, Jul’ 15