Dear Erica,

We had such a good time at Lombok just doing nothing except for a few hours at the sea to the gili and another short trip to the waterfall.The rest of the time was spent in Oberoi Lombok which is such a lovely place. The room is huge and we didn’t feel that it was old despite it has been around for some 15 years. The upkeep is good and we like the landscaping too. The staff were friendly and everyone knew us by Mr and Mrs So & So by the end of 1st day including Aydan. They are an obliging lot and I haven’t felt it elsewhere despite staying at some of the better hotels during our past holidays. I said this because we were getting bored with their menu and asked for something simple but not there and they accommodated our requests. The food, spa and other activities are very reasonably priced for a hotel like Oberoi which was a pleasant surprise. It was good to be up close and personal with the little turtles and we managed to release 2 into the sea on our last day and that was a good experience for my little one. I managed to relax with 3 rounds of massages during the 6 days and their therapists were good. We managed to cycle around the hotel ground which reminded us of the kampong life.

All in all, we can’t think of anything which didn’t meet our expectations. When we left I told my husband that we will make this place our annual pilgrimage.

Thank you Erica for making our Lombok holiday a memorable one and we hope to be in touch with you not too long from now for our next break. Thinking of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan….



CC, Oberoi Lombok, OCT ’13