Dear Melissa 

We enjoyed Myanmar immensely… indeed it was one of our most memorable experiences.

All the travel arrangements went well, and we did indeed have the unscheduled stopover in Heigh Ho on the way to Bagan, but we were not inconvenienced in any way.

Bagan was stunning and we really liked the hotel the Bagan Lodge.. It was new and the staff were delightful. The whole place of Bagan is fabulous particularly from the point of view of a balloon. Our guide was charming and a devout buddhist which was as it should be. He was extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic about the area and the pagodas. He was upfront about the regime. He took us to an amazing market in  where we were not bothered by the locals at all.  

Inle Lake was wonderful too. I loved just pottering along in the boat looking at the floating gardens and the water hyacinths. Most enjoyable were the two restaurants we visited for lunch . The first a heritage site and the second a private home. Both were interesting and had really good food. Our guide here was a very interesting experienced guide. He was worried about the long term status of the lake with all the pollution. He had a long discussion with our son about the feasibility of using  solar power  for the boats. A double gain because they would then be silent, as well as clean.

By the time we got to Yangon we were rather pagoda’d and market’d out. However we wouldn’t have missed the Schwedegong, and we liked seeing parts of the old quarter particularly the Strand Hotel. In fact we went back to have dinner there and it was excellent. The guide in Yangon was great and very helpful. He waited until we had  checked right through with our baggage when we left, and waved from beyond the window.

On the whole the holiday was superb and I would very much recommend it with you as an agent.



CC, Myanmar, Jan’ 15