Hi Keira,

Everything was really great – thank you again for all the help on planning and keeping the Aman a secret with me – Alex loved the surprise and was really confused when I told him – I think the touch of the ‘fake’ itinerary really worked!

Our guide “Sam” was fantastic (and the driver was v good too). I would strongly recommend you use him for all clients! Really knowledgeable, patient, kind and goes over and above to ensure you see everything interesting – including the minute details you would never have noticed on your own. His English is good but really not perfect (strong accent) so whilst it was fine for me and for any native English speaker I would say the only drawback for using him would be for non-native English speakers.

We loved the Heritage Suites, they are perfect for a few days stay in Siem Reap – it’s so unlikely that you spend much time at your hotel in such a place and so they are perfect to come back to after a long day wandering around temples in the heat! Perfectly appointed and breakfast etc good.

The Aman of course was impeccable – although we were there for literally 24 hours it felt like longer. Not much to say other than perfect as always. They were very sweet, showering us with attention from start to finish and continually congratulating us on our engagement (and spoiling us with surprises throughout too as we got engaged a few months ago at Amanpulo), a beautiful property.

The Quad bike tour was really fun – we had a great guide and saw some interesting sites and scenes of Cambodian village life along the way – I’m not sure if usual but we were alone with our own guide, so it was still completely private – definitely a bonus.

We had v little time in Phnom Penn in the end so went just to S21 which was very eye opening. The guide in PP was also very good although we were with her for only a short time.

Thanks again for your great organisation – it’s so nice and such a time-saver to be looked after from start to finish – especially on an exploring holiday like that.

Many thanks again,


AP, Siem Reap, OCT’13