Thank you for putting together a good trip on such short notice. We had a great time. Being at Anifield for Steven Gerrard’s last game was just a remarkable experience and to be able to share it with my son was just a heart-warming experience. So thanks for making this a trip that we will both remember.

As usual, every aspect of the trip was great. Hotel Indigo was a good choice though I think I would have taken Hilton if it had been available. But we walked a lot which was good as we ate quite a bit since there was no wife/mother to restrain us, visited most of the museums and did some shopping at Liverpool One.

Michael, the designated driver for the rest of the trip was funny in a very British way and he was very punctual. Brian, the driver on the first day, was also good and was apologetic about the delay. He tried and showed parts of Liverpool as we drove by but we were rather tied by the flight then and dosing off. Brian tried his best to remedy the situation.

The Hospitality package is great as was the stadium tour. And what made my son most happy was the signed jersey which was one of the highlight of the trip.

So, overall, it went very well. We have many wonderful memories between father and son and thanks for making the memories.

I also want to add that I very much appreciate your quick response when I texted about the delay with the transfer on arrival. I had no doubt that you will resolve it quickly and would pay personal attention to it. Such things happen (unfortunately) and what is important is in the recovery and I do value the personal effort taken to resolve the delay quickly.


AJ, United Kingdom, May 15