Hi Elgin,

Thank you for organizing yet another wonderful holiday for us. We enjoyed the trip very much and once again want to say that you did an impressive job putting the itinerary together.

Our driver did his best at all times. He drove us around Hakodate, explained the attractions and was ever so diligent in making sure that whatever food that we consumed had no pork or lard in them. And he was one careful driver, he took great care to drive in the heavy snow.

The arrangements for Niseko were excellent. We really enjoyed the stay at Ki Niseko. The staff were warm and attentive and went out of their way to help us settle and attend to our various requests for information and assistance. I would strongly recommend Ki Niseko to anyone looking for a place at Grand Hirafu.

Rhythm and Go Snow were also excellent vendors. they helped in various aspects in getting the gear ready and for Go Snow, the patience in teaching us (me in particular) to ski and the kids to snowboard. We liked this part of the trip the most and immediately discussed about coming back next year.

Overall, another pleasant and memorable holiday which we will cherish forever. These trips help build the family and I want to again thank you for the conscientious and meticulous thought that you put into organizing these trips.


AJ, Japan, Dec ’15