Hi Josie,

Fantastic trip thanks very much for booking for us.

Cocoa Island is the perfect island for foodies.  Some of the best food I have had at any hotel – especially on a deserted island!  Very well priced food for the Maldives also.

There are tons of sharks, albeit small black tip reef sharks swimming all around the island.  Is a really positive thing for most people but some might not like it!  Also lots of rays and a great variety of fish on the reef which you can swim straight out to from the room.

Rooms are gorgeous but definitely very simple chic.  Not for bling bling guests who want private pools and high tech stuff. Spa is incredible. Staff really friendly

For us, the island was perfect, I have been wanting to go for years.

Thanks again for arranging!

AH – July 2014

AH, Cocoa Island, July ’14