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Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar

Embark on a historical journey aboard The Strand Cruise, the latest luxury cruise on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. Launched by the iconic Strand Hotel in Yangon, the ship reflects its heritage and style and has an air of refined elegance.

Offering exceptional standards of comfort, flawless service and luxurious facilities including a fine dining restaurant, a pool and a spa, The Strand Cruise will appeal to adventurous travellers seeking an exclusive and contemporary river cruise experience.

This 200-ft floating hotel provides 27 sumptuous cabins that come with the added luxury of butler service. Each cabin is elegantly decorated with blend of contemporary style and traditional Burmese influences, while a floor-to-ceiling window offers magnificent views.

Days can be as action-packed or relaxed as you wish. Land excursions include a visit to the Tant Kyi Taung temple, the famous U-bein Bridge as well as exploring Old Bagan and Mandalay. Back on board, sip a cocktail by the pool as you admire the breathtaking scenery or enjoy a revitalizing reflexology treatment in the spa.

Lightfoot Travel provides tailor-made itineraries that include daily tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and can incorporate Myanmar into a greater Asian holiday. Take a look at 7-Night Road To Mandalay Cruise: Irrawaddy Adventure as an example of a bespoke itinerary that we can create for you

The Strand Cruise Information

Location and getting there:

This 3 or 4 night cruise sails between Bagan and Mandalay in Myanmar.


Accommodation comprises 27 cabins including 10 Deluxe Cabins, 13 Strand Cabins, 2 State Suites and 2 Strand Suites. All cabins feature king-size beds, handcrafted Burmese furniture, Teakwood floors, a floor-to-ceiling window and lavish ensuite bathrooms. The magnificent 40-sqm Strand Suite come with private balconies.


Sun deck
Swimming pool
Reflexology station
Lounge and library
Wine cellar


There are endless adventures to be had with land excursions to places such as Bagan and Mandalay and visits to temples, pagodas, palaces, monasteries and remote villages. On board, there is a mix of activities on offer including workshops, lectures, dances and cocktail parties.


Children aged 6 and over are welcome but it is better suited to adults as there are no specific facilities for them and the ship has a grown up feel.

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4 out of 5

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The Strand Cruise Testimonials

Hi Nikki,

The cruise was just perfect. The ship was tasteful in every way — the restaurants, the cabins, the decks. I think that’s what really makes it stand out, is how stylish and comfortable it is. Always helps that it’s brand new. My partner and I definitely tried to spend as much time as possible in the lounge or on the deck whenever we were just cruising along, rather than confining ourselves to the cabins. I was shocked by the high quality of the food, notably nearly all Western though — which was just as well, as I’m sure a lot of visitors would be quite sensitive to the strong spices of Burmese food. There were only seven guests on the trip, so we got loads of attention. Probably too much attention, but that’s not a bad problem to have. The excursions were incredibly well-planned, no stress, no worries at all, and all of the local guides we had were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their country.

Honestly I can’t think of a single bad thing to say and I hope the cruise does well. There’s nothing like gently cruising on the Irrawaddy watching the boats and land go by.


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The Strand Cruise