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Shinta Mani Wild, located along 1.5 kilometres of a riverbank, is Cambodia’s newest luxury tented accommodation. Straddling Bokor and Kirirom National Parks, it’s slated to feature 16 super-sophisticated spacious tents perched over the flowing waters, evoking a “Jacky O’ meets Cambodian jungle safari” feel. Enjoy days filled with wildlife excursions and private boat expeditions, and observe conservation efforts in the lush jungle. Fuel up next to the resort’s largest waterfall with sustainably sourced food at the Waterfall Restaurant.

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Set along 1.5 kilometers of river and waterfalls, this area of wildlife connects the Bokor National Park with Kirirom National Park.


The accommodation consists of 16 100 sq m tents which are custom made, and perch over the fast-flowing waters and waterfalls.


Private luxury boat expeditions, to explore the waterways to the southeast. Accompanying rangers and researchers as they check camera traps and study the forests.


A bar
A 'waterfall restaurant'

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Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia