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Serengeti, Tanzania

This is a mobile camp which travels through the Serengeti National Park to shadow the annual migration of wildebeest. The camp is positioned before your arrival in a prime viewing location and will not move during your stay, but ensures that you get the best possible wildlife experience.

The camp, the first of its kind, is well equipped, extremely well run and beautifully simple. Each of the 6 large walk in mere tent sit along on a patch of the magnificent Serengeti, a stroll away from the candlelit canvas mess tent. The bathrooms are en-suite with traditional safari style bucket showers, eco-flush loos and hot and cold water on demand. The tents contain everything you could wish for your in safari home and has been designed with one purpose in mind, to be in the best possible location to view the wildebeest migration.

Serengeti Safari Camp is one of the only places in the Serengeti where you will get a private vehicle and guide as standard for the duration of your stay. This ensures that you have the flexibility to take your game viewing at your own pace. The camp guides consist of some of the top guides in the country and have built a reputation for excellence which you will notice throughout your stay. During your stay there are no limits to your game viewing, you can leave camp at dawn with a picnic lunch and return at last light or you can take a morning and evening drive returning to camp for lunch and a siesta. The structure of the day is designed to cater for everyone’s individual interests which also means that you can follow your own interests on drives and not worry about anyone else’s preferences.

Generally, the long rains run from March to May – the temperature is warm and the humidity is high. June to October is the long dry season, and the short rains are in November and December, much lighter than the long rains. January and February are again dry (the short dry season) so this is another good time to visit.

December to March, is the Wildebeest calving season. In April and May, the rut begins and the plains dry out so the herd begin the journey north. June and July, the migration gathers momentum and the herds enter the Serengeti Western Corridor. It’s here that the wildebeest and their newborn calves meet their first serious barrier in the form of the Grumeti River and its vast crocodiles. Between August and November, the migration reaches its northern range: the grasslands on either bank of the crocodile-infested Mara River which the herds must cross not once, but twice, as they complete their migration.

Serengeti Safari Camp Information

  • Location: Greater Serengeti. As the camp movies throughout the year the airstrip location will change will change depending on the position of the camp. There are daily flights from Arusha to the Serengeti. It is usually then a game drive to the camp.
  • Accommodation: 6 walk in Meru syle tents.
  • Activities: 4×4 Game drives
  • Facilities: A simple mobile camp which follows the path of the migration
  • Weather: The long rains are from March to May and June to October is the dry season. Short rains fall between November and December and January to February are dry months. For the migration. December to march is the Wildebeest calving season. April to May sees the migration heading north and June and July they will enter the Western Corridor and have to cross the mighty Grumeti River and the crocodile which reside there. Between August and November the Migration heads towards the Mara river and into Kenya. 
  • Children: Over 8 years of age welcome, however no specific facilities. 

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Many thks for helping to put together our honeymoon. It was great, especially the safari part – our expectations were high, and we must say it beat our expectations on all grounds. Nomad Tanzania guys were great, and so were the scenery and the wildlife experience.

Overall, great trip. Thks for everything!

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Serengeti Safari Camp