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Specialising in ecotourism camping adventures, which take you into the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness, Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris give travellers the chance to get up close to Sri Lankan wildlife.

Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris focuses on sustainability, the mission being to protect and preserve Sri Lanka’s National Parks and Reserves for the animals and for generations to come.

The luxury camps in three different national parks are all designed to give you a unique experience and insight into the fascinating world of Sri Lankan wildlife, including elusive leopards. A stay at one of the Leopard Safari camps will be a truly memorable experience. Tailored packages are offered for families and honeymooners.

Accommodation is in the form of very comfortable South African canvas tents. These are non-permanent and are set up before you arrive at the camp. The tents are far from basic and feature king-size beds, living areas with camp chairs and storage space for clothes. Just outside is a separate bathroom area with hot water and a sit-down toilet. A family suite is available and cots can be provided. The Yala camp site now boasts two Luxury Lodge Tents which is is inspired by African lodges for guests looking for more up-scale camping all the while ensuring a truly wild experience, with a new Eco Pool using saltwater.

A chef prepares an array of fresh and authentic Sri Lankan delights served in the open air. Guests can visit the kitchen and learn how to prepare local dishes.

After an exciting day of game drives, led by English-speaking guides, relax with a drink in the chill-out area, share stories with other guests and enjoy a jungle barbecue under the stars.

Lightfoot Travel provides tailor-made itineraries that include daily tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and can incorporate a safari into a greater Sri Lankan holiday. Take a look at Tea Plantations and Coastal Hideaways as an example of a bespoke itinerary that we can create for you.

Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris Information

Location & Getting There

The Leopard Safaris luxury camps are located in 3 different national parks. Yala National Park is approximately a 7-hour drive from Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport or a 3.5-hour drive to Galle; Knuckles Mountain Range is a 1-hour drive from Kandy’s City Centre; Wilpattu Camp is approximately 3 hours from Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport


Comfortable South African canvas tents are set up before guests arrive at the camp. Each features a king-size bed, spacious living areas with camp chairs, a separate toilet and storage areas for belongings. A family suite is available with cots provided upon request. For added comfort, the Yala camp has erected a semi-permanent lodge tent which is is inspired by African lodges


- Chill-out areas
- Wildlife library
- Dining: Private dining, minibars for safaris
- Amateur photographer walk


Game drives which take guests right out to the heart of the wild, where there is a diversity of wildlife on offer, are a must do. Guests can spot and identify leopards, mugger crocodiles, wild boars, mouse deers, Asian elephants and many more. Other activities include stargazing, wildlife walks, bird watching, enjoying drinks around a campfire or a jungle barbeque under the stars.


Tailored itineraries and cots for children are available.

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Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris Testimonials

Thanks so much for sorting the day’s sightseeing in Colombo on Monday.  It was really interesting.

While it’s fresh in my mind I thought I’d send you my feedback. Overall we had an amazing holiday. Kids said it was one of the best ever!

Hasantha the driver/guide – good English, knowledgeable, drove safely, listened to what we wanted to do, nice with the kids. Would recommend.

Leopard safaris – the highlight of the trip. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t praise it highly enough. I am emphatically not a camper (I would stay exclusively in Amans if my husband would agree!) but  I loved it. The tents were immaculately clean, as were the loos (plural for our tent!), shower etc. The food was genuinely amazing, even before you take into account it’s cooked in a tent on essentially a large camping stove. Our guides, Pila and Praneeth were fabulous. So knowledgeable, amazing at spotting the animals, brilliant at driving (the kids LOVED driving through the crocodile-infested lakes). We saw leopards, a sloth bear, crocodiles, monkeys and stunning birds. The 5 men at the camp were all nice, kind, thoughtful and interesting. An absolutely fabulous trip.

Cape Weligama – super hotel.  Brand new so everything was immaculate. The half board was an amazing option as it even included wine!! The food was excellent and there was a good dive centre. The personal butler was a nice touch – he was very helpful.

All in all a magical trip, thank you.


Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris Offers

Tried & Tested

Lounge tent


When contemplating a holiday to Sri Lanka, safaris are not the first thing that come to mind. Yet, the country has diverse ecological conditions which means an equally diverse range of wildlife. A lot of flora and fauna is endemic to the country and boasts the highest density of leopards in the world. Lightfoot Travel’s Kieran recently experienced Leopard Safaris where he spotted an array of animals and camped in the Sri Lankan wilderness. He lived to tell the tale and has nothing but praise for the experience.

Where exactly do the safaris offered by Leopard Safaris take place?

I experience the safari in Yala National Park, but Leopard Safaris also operate in Wilpattu National Park in the north.

What is the wildlife like?

I saw a ton of birdlife, elephants (including a tusker elephant which was really cool!), alligators, mongoose and a lot of leopard tracks, but unfortunately I didn’t see any leopards. They did say this was quite rare, so it was quite a shame!


What sort of accommodation did you stay in?

Guests stay in what can be described as high-end tents. The tent is divided into two sections, the first housing the large queen-size bed, and the second comprising the living room section with a couple of chairs. There is no air conditioning, but there is a fan in the bedroom and lights in both sections. It’s relatively cool in the evenings, so I didn’t have a problem. There are separate (but private) shower facilities and a flushing toilet outside the tent. However, the shower is unheated and is literally a bag of water above you head. But hey, this is camping!

Was it a comfortable experience?

I really enjoyed it and was quite comfortable. I think one thing to note though is that at night you can hear a LOT of jungle noises, and so you’re very aware that you are out in nature and in a tent. In terms of insects there were a few mosquitos, but it wasn’t anything bad. To sum it up, Leopard Safaris would be considered ‘glamping’ by anyone used to normal camping of any sort. Those who prefer sleek and modern facilities may find it slightly too close to nature for comfort, but I would still recommend it if they were looking for a more unique experience.

 Is this appropriate for families with young kids?

Leopard Safaris does cater to little kids, and have an area in the camp where they can play in a sandpit and take photography classes with staff. There is someone to look after them if parents want to go have dinner on their own, which is also quite nice. If kids are fussy though, they may not appreciate the whole camping experience. Tents are not suitable to be in during the day as it’s too hot, so it’s not great for those who still require daytime naps.

How does Leopard Safaris fit into a greater Sri Lanka holiday?

You would slip it in before going to the tea country, and after you would head to the south coast. I think unless you love camping, one night would suffice.


Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris