Kinondo Kwetu

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Diani Beach, Kenya

Situated on Diani Beach in the south coast of Kenya, facing the Indian Ocean, this boutique all-inclusive resort is wonderfully secluded.

With room for no more than 38 guests, you don’t have to tread far to find your own little nook on the sand.

Owned and run by a friendly Swedish family who have made Kenya’s coast their home, the minute you enter you instantly feel at east with their warm homely atmostphere.

Enjoy, most of all, the luxury of peace and quiet. Here you will not find beach throngs or thumping music, trinklet hawkers or noisy bars. This also makes it a wonderful spot to end off a Kenyan safari honeymoon designed by a specialist Travel Designer.

Kinondo Kwetu Information

  • Location: Manda Island, Lamu Kenya
  • Accommodation: 11 beachfront cottages and 5 sea-view rooms
  • Activities: Snorkeling excursions, scuba diving, kayaking, kite surfing, stand-up paddle surfing, deep sea fishing, traditional sailing, waterskiing and wakeboarding, golf, horse-riding, yoga, cultural visits and nature walks
  • Facilities: Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Lounge
  • Weather: Open all year round, May – October is wetter
  • Children: All ages welcome

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3 out of 5

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Kinondo Kwetu