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If you dream of the jaw-dropping vastness of the desert, miraculous silence, endless skies, and bleached white sands, then head to Oman for an extraordinary journey that will surpass your wildest expectations. 

Hud Hud Camp is located in the heart of the Wahiba Sands. The camp has only eight African-style tents fitted with Arabian tapestries, large inviting beds and crisp cotton bedding. Each tent also has its own bathroom tent positioned close-by. Dinner is served under a blanket of stars beside a cracking fire, and food is (where possible) locally sourced and freshly prepared by the camp’s chef.

Experience all of Oman’s diversity with itineraries and safaris tailored specifically to suit your interests. Visit traditional villages, go off-road driving in a 4×4, try your hand at sand boarding, enjoy a sunrise walk and be rewarded with sundowners in the dunes.


Hud Hud Camp Information

Location & Getting There:

Private camps and bespoke trips typically depart from the port capital of Muscat. Muscat International Airport is located 32km from the old town.


Like something from the pages of One Thousand and One Nights, the private camps of Hud Hud Travels are an Arabian fairytale. Handmade Bedouin tents are set up on bleached white sands, and outfitted with rich tapestries, inviting beds, crisp cotton bedding, elegant furnishings, and luxury showers and baths. Traditional majlis with Arabic style seating are the perfect spot to relax. Dining is done at family-style tables shaded from the sun. There is no electric light at the camps; the sun and stars are supplemented by romantic candle light and light from oil lamps and fires.


-Dining area
-Traditional majlis for relaxation


Activities differ from region to region, but one thing is sure, from the Wahiba and Empty Quarter Deserts to the Hajar Mountains and the remote white sands of the coast, a trip with Hud Hud Travels offers a spectacular experience in the remote corners of Oman.

Head out on day trips to explore traditional villages, old forts, castles, and tombs. Drink in the beauty of nature with a swim tucked deep in a canyon. Delight in the excited crowds at a camel race. Hear from experts on topics that range from geology to theology and more. Speak to your guide about what you would like to experience during your time at camp, and the itinerary will be tailored accordingly. This is your trip, your adventure, and it’s waiting for you. All you have to do is say yes.


Hud Hud Travels will happily accommodate young guests.

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