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Southern Pantanal, Brazil

Fazenda Barranco Alto is a family-run farm located in the heart of the southern Pantanal. One of our favourites, it is set on the banks of the Rio Negro, a wildlife-rich area known for its incredible diversity. A popular base for researchers and professional photographers, the owners, Lucas and Maria, have built up a fantastic wildlife destination in its own right.

Boat trips, kayaking, bird watching, walking, 4×4 safaris by day and night, horse riding and fishing are all ways to experience the fantastic wildlife on a Pantanal holiday. See a plethora of bird species including the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, Anaconda and the unique mammals of South America such as Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Anaconda, tapir as well as puma, ocelot and jaguar. The big cats may be elusive but the Pantanal and this area in particular will give you a good chance of sighting them.

With only four comfortable, air-conditioned rooms catering for a maximum of nine guests, Barranco Alto can personalise and tailor each guest’s experience. Tours are on a small group basis, private guides can be arranged, ideal for avid photographers, birders or all round wildlife enthusiasts. As a working ranch, take the opportunity to watch the pantaneiro cowboys at work, perhaps muster a few cattle yourself!

Located 175 miles from Campo Grande (the closest airport) the 4×4 drive is around 5-6 hours during the summer months and when the track is dry. Drive to the lodge to experience the changing landscapes as you depart the city but take a 50 minute light aircraft flight back to the city for an incredible aerial view of the savannah, forests, rivers and salty lagoons of the Pantanal. By all means fly both ways if the drive doesn’t appeal! Prepare for a truly unique Brazilian holiday!

Lightfoot Travel provides tailor-made itineraries that include daily tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and can incorporate Pantanal into a greater Brazil & Latin America holiday. Take a look at Classic Brazil as an example of a bespoke itinerary that we can create for you.

Fazenda Barranco Alto Information

Location & Getting There

Fazenda Barranco Alto is a family-run farm located in the heart of the southern Pantanal, set on the banks of the Rio Negro, a 70-minute light aircraft transfer from Campo Grande Airport.


The property only hosts 4 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms catered for a maximum of 9 guests. Each room is furnished in traditional decor to provide the authentic experience of living like old Patanal families, and features a private veranda from which guests may witness giant otters fishing or aligators mating.


- Indoor lounge
- Shaded areas with hammocks
- Library
- Dining: 1 restaurant, 1 bar


All regular tours at the Fazenda Barranco Alto are included during the guests' stay, including horse riding, bird watching, open vehicle safaris, hiking, canoeing, boating, nature walks and fishing. As a working ranch, guests can also take the opportunity to watch the pantaneiro cowboys at work and perhaps muster a few cattle themselves.


Children of all ages are welcome although very young children are not advised due to the long transfer to the lodge and the nature of excursions. Older children are sure to enjoy the adventurous nature of a stay in the Pantanal and looking out for the local wildlife.

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