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Yangon, Myanmar

Launched in July 2013, this new luxury river cruiser from Belmond Hotels offers travellers the perfect vantage point from which to explore Myanmar, a country emerging as one of the hottest new travel destinations. Sailing up the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers onboard Belmond Orcaella will be an unforgettable adventure.

The 200-foot traditional Irrawaddy Flotilla ship, built by local craftsman, has been designed so it is narrow enough to navigate some of Myanmar’s most remote and enchanting waterways. Luxury facilities include a swimming pool, a fitness area, a spa and an onboard doctor.

Stylish and contemporary interiors are in keeping with local Burmese traditions. The 25 elegant cabins, which include 16 spacious suites, all feature floor to ceiling glass sliding doors, balconies opening onto the river and all-modern facilities.

Dining onboard Belmond Orcaella is an elegant and exciting experience. Innovative Asian and European dishes are prepared using the freshest local ingredients. There is also a bar and lounge where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

The luxury river cruise takes you to magnificent temples, historic monuments and more off-the-beaten-track journeys into local villages. After a day of exciting adventures on shore, return to the luxurious surroundings of your floating hotel and relax in comfort. Cool off in the pool, indulge in a massage or simply take in the breathtaking scenery from the observation deck. In the evenings there is live music and performances from local acrobats and dance troupes.

Belmond Orcaella Information

  • Location:Myanmar.
  • Accommodation: 2 Balcony Suites, 15 State Cabines and 8 Deluxe Cabins.
  • Facilities:Open sundeck area, lounge, bar, swimming pool, massage and fitness centre, boutique.
  • Activities:Lectures on local life and cultural landmarks, specialist talks on nature, history and photography, interactive workshops by local experts, yoga classes.
  • Weather:The best time to visit Myanmar is between November and February. During these months it rains least (if at all in places) and it is not so hot. March to May brings intense heat. At this time, the daily temperatures in Yangon often reach 40ºC, while areas around Bagan and Mandalay go a few digits higher. The cool hill towns of Shan State offer relief from the heat, though.The southwest monsoon starts between mid-May and mid-June, bringing frequent rains that dunk the country through till October, peaking from July to September. The dry zone (between Mandalay and Pyay) gets the least rain, though roads anywhere (and particularly in the delta region) can become impassable. Rakhaing State bears the full force of the rains – often exceeding 195in (495cm) of rain annually.
  • Children:Welcome.

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