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Madya Pradesh, India

Baghvan Pench Jungle Lodge with its 1950s ambience, is surrounded by a lush forest that would make Tarzan feel at home.

Each individual lodge has stairs that lead up to a covered jungle rooftop platform, where couples can get cozy with a romantic sleep out, an intimate take on roughing it in the wilderness. Mosquito nets, overhead fans and hookah pipes have been put in place to eliminate any possible discomfort and maximize the pleasures of staying outdoors. An interactive kitchen encourages guests to embark on their own culinary adventure, preparing traditional Indian dishes with the help of recipes and spices thoughtfully provided by the lodge. There is also the option of dining on the private verandas if you want to be pampered by the well-trained chefs.

Dive headfirst into a safari adventure into Pench National Park, made famous by Rudyard Kipling’s classic, “The Jungle Book”. You might get lucky and catch some action from predators such as the tigers, leopards, dhol (Indian wild dog), jungle cats, and hyenas among others going for the kill. With over 300 recorded bird species in the national park, bird lovers can certainly expect a treat. The Pench river, which meanders through hills, forests and valleys in the park, is the surprise element of the park, offering visitors a refreshing take on the area.

Baghvan Information

  • Location: Pench National Park, Seoni District of southern Madhya Pradesh, from Nagpur, lodge is 1.5 hours by car, from Jabalpur, lodge is 3.5 hours by car
  • Accommodation: 12 suites
  • Activities: Elephant safaris, foot safaris, guided nature walks, cultural walks
  • Facilities: Swimming pool, library, interactive kitchen, safari shop
  • Weather: Tropical climate,Wet season from June to September
  • Children: Welcome. However, children under 5 years old are unable to join game drives. Childminders can be arranged. Children aged between 6 ? 12 years old are allowed on game drive at Lodge Manager’s discretion

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