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Shanghai, China

Amanyangyun is located in Maqiao Town, a historic region in Shanghai, only 45 minutes’ drive from the centre of Shanghai, and it will unmistakably take you back in time.

Surrounded by a towering camphor forest and a tranquil lake, Amanyangyun’s thirteen antique villas and twenty-four suites went through a painstaking process as a bid to set them up. From the remote Jiangxi province to the outskirts of Shanghai, dozens of village houses were transported here to be given a new lease of life. Meticulously designed, today each one celebrates the craft and culture of the original Ming and Qing Dynasty homes while embracing modern sophistication and elegance.

Amanyangyun is home to five exciting dining and drinking venues: Arva (Italian), Nama(Japanese), Lazgu (regional Jiangxi), and The Bar and Cigar Lounge. Expert chefs from across the globe have come together to offer a ‘cultural safari’ throughout each restaurant which is set within the extraordinary surroundings of the forested sanctuary.

The Wellness Centre is a fabulous place to relax away from the hustle and bustle. Equipped with a 20-metre heated indoor pool and a 28.5-metre outdoor pool, plus a Pilates and Yoga Studio overlooking a peaceful reflective pond, guests can be as energetic as they please.

Ten spacious treatment suites and two Spa houses – The AmanBanya Spa House and Aman Hamamm Spa House provide traditional venik and hammam experiences which should not be missed.

Amanyangyun Information


Located in Maqiao Town, on the outskirts of Shanghai, Amanyangyun is located a 20 mins drive from Hongqiao International Airport and an hours drive from Pudong International Airport.


The 13 antique resort villas and 24 club suites, painstakingly reassembled brick by brick, have been carefully designed by Kerry Hill Architects. Drawing on a nature-inspired aesthetic, the spacious and expansive suites and villas range from 65 – 78 square metres. Carved lattice shutters cleverly regulate natural light in the rooms. Villas come equipped with courtyards and outdoor bathtubs and showers, while suite residents can unwind in their private pools and Jacuzzis.


The Nan Shufang, is where guests can go to enjoy meditative sessions of ancient Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings in one of the nine elegant tea-rooms. Amanyangyun’s close proximity to the bustling metropolis that is the Pudong and historic bund district allows guests to enjoy the many cultural, shopping, and gourmet attractions on offer.


Five dining venues
IMAX Cinema
Designer Boutique
Spa with hammam and banya
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
Cigar Lounge
Bridal Room


While there are no specific childcare facilities, children are welcome here.

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4 out of 5

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