A visit to Damaraland Camp is more than worth it as it’s here you’ll find one of the most unique animals on Earth – the desert elephant

Need a little alone time? Book one of these holidays in the wilderness



Pumphouse Point

The last stop on the famed Overland Track is a welcome one. Kick off your hiking boots at Pumphouse Point on Lake St Clair. This converted 1930s hydroelectricity station features 19 rooms that each overlook the water. Hunker down in front of the fireplace, relax with a good book in one of the mini libraries or pop a bottle of champagne from the honesty bar.



Minaret Station 

This wilderness lodge is so far away from the rest of the world that world-famous celebrities have manage to stay at the lodge and the paparazzi didn’t even know they were in the country. The only way to access this luxury property is by heli. After you’ve left your chic chalet behind to enjoy breakfast in the restaurant, you will then go day-tripping around the countryside by helicopter. Heli-trekking, heli-skiing, heli-picnic – it’s as decadent as you can get.



Damaraland Camp

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the wilds of Namibia. You will know how hard it is to travel into this rugged countryside, when your guide suggests you leave your car behind and fly by plane for the last part of the journey. But a visit to Damaraland Camp is more than worth it as it’s here you’ll find one of the most unique animals on Earth – the desert elephant. You’ve got a high chance of spotting them as the herd stays close to the camp. You will also have the chance to enjoy another unique Namibian experience too – dinner at a boma, a traditional Namibian fort. Here they will cook you African barbecue under the stars.

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Amankora Gangtey

This eight-suite lodge can be found in the Phobjikha Valley. Look out over the picturesque gorge and a 16th-century monastery. The valley is also where you will find the legendary black-necked cranes. Enjoy one of the hikes that can be found around the valley then book into one of the two spa rooms for a massage. Bliss.



Three Camel Lodge

The Gobi Altai mountains form the backdrop to this luxury camp found the Mongolian desert. This eco-friendly camp embraces sun and wind power, and works hard to become part of the local community too.  When you’re not relaxing in your traditional ger, you could go stargazing, meet Mongolian throat-singers or join a paleontologist on a dinosaur fossil hunt.

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