Ride in a glass slide 1,000 feet above Downtown Los Angeles

Expect floating pools, surfing in the desert and trees made of lights… If you’ve ever wondered how we might holiday in the future, these state-of-the art tourist attractions could give you a hint.



Climb The Super Trees

Why have a tree, when you can have a super tree! Gardens By The Bay features an exhilarating arbour that offers shade during the day and at night, it turns into a light show. And if that’s not enough, one of these vertical gardens plays host to a restaurant that’s hidden within its canopy.

SINGAPORE - JUNE 13, 2013 : Walking on the Supertree Grove at Ga



Surf In The Desert

Who says that you can’t catch a wave when you’re in the desert? Wadi Adventure in Al Ain features the largest surf pool in the world. Beginners can start by testing their balance on a few small rolling waves while professions can practise their favourite tricks on three metre high surf.




Swim In A Floating Pool

A dip in the Hudson wouldn’t be everyone’s idea of a great time, but the team behind +Pool is about to change all that. The tech geeks are set to float two Olympic-sized swimming pools in the Hudson, which contain a filtration device that leaves you practising your butterfly in sparkling, clear water. Expected to launch soon.

+Pool v2



Ride A Glass Slide

Adrenalin addicts will go weak at the knees once they take a look at the new Sky Slide on 70th floor of the OUE Skyspace LA. Los Angeles’ tallest open air observation deck gives visitors the chance to ride in a glass slide 1,000 feet above the ground on the outside of the building. Just remember to keep your eyes open when you race to the 69th floor.

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