With a little patience you can still get your own piece of sakura

Photographer Mark Esguerra buys a ticket to ride and shows us what to look out for in Japan’s capital city. Contact a Lightfoot Travel specialist to start planning your holiday to Japan



With Japan, the beauty is always in the detail, and no more so than when it comes to architecture.  The interior of the Tokyo International Forum building in the Marunouchi District is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. While it might have been designed for conferences I doubt that anyone is going to be listening to what the speakers have to say, when they are surrounded with architecture such as this. But such beauty isn’t reserved just for the larger venues, even the shopping malls are just as eyecatching. Staring at the entrance to the Tokyu Plaza at Omotesando in the Harajuku District of Tokyo could easily make you lose track of time.

The glass entrance to the Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.
The glass entrance to the Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku



The sunsets in Japan are like no other. While Tokyo’s glittering architecture may be beautiful, it still finds it hard to compete with what Mother Nature can provide. However, these towering skyscrapers can help you get the best view. You will find numerous free observation decks scattered throughout the city. As a landscape photographer, I tend to be aware of the daily sunrise and sunset times. So when the sun was getting ready to go down I headed to the observatory deck at the World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsuchō.

A memory of my one true love in Tokyo, Japan.
Observation deck World Trade Center



Cherry blossom season in Japan may be fleeting, but it sees people travel from far and wide. As the trees are only in full bloom for a week, it tends to be incredibly crowded where ever there’s a cherry blossom tree. However, with a little patience you can still get your own piece of sakura. Admittedly I was surrounded by people when I took this shot, but when you are looking at the cherry blossoms you can easily forget about that. And when I took this shot in the moonlight, it was as if the cherry blossoms had an extra sparkle.



I’ve always been impressed by the intricacies of Tokyo, but witnessing how folks cross and intertwine on several of the crossings in Shibuya just makes the organised chaos all the more impressive.

People crossing by the Shibuya 109 building in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
The famed Shibuya crossing



The images of Mount Fuji for this story were not planned at all. The conditions that I had for my shots were a total gift. Japan has had a way of providing me with great scenes, but that was among the best I’ve witnessed so far. It’s such an epic view.

Mount Fuji sunset
Mount Fuji at sunset

To see more of Mark’s work visit www.themarkeworld.com

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