The jungle provides some of the ingredients that you will find in your gastronomic dishes

You can have fun in the sun and give the planet a break at the same time with these eco-friendly holidays 

The One With A River Running To It

Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

There are no roads to Pacuare Lodge so you need to arrive by water. Splash, row and float your way to your jungle retreat. Spy waterfalls running down emerald cliffs, butterflies fluttering past and hear rainforest birds’ calls – and yes, this is just en-route to your retreat. When you arrive you can choose a suite created using lumber from a reforestation project owned by local farmers and sleep under a thatched roof created by Cabecar Indians from palm leaves.


The One With Elephants As Your Neighbours

Mombo Camp, Botswana

This eco-chic camp in the Moremi Game Reserve will take you back to nature in the most glamorous way possible. Take a drive through the reserve to spy lions, leopard and rhino, then return to your camp where you’re sure to find some elephants making a splash in the watering hole or wandering past your private pool.


The One That’s A Private Island

Wa Ale Resort, Myanmar

Tucked away in the Myeik Archipelago you’ll find the new Wa Ale resort that opens this year. A masterclass in barefoot chic, this breathtaking resort uses reclaimed wood, to create an Instagram-worthy hideaway that treads lightly on the environment. Until now, it’s only the Moken people who have spent time in this piece of paradise, now they are ready to share it with you. [Ask your Lightfoot Travel designer for more details.]


The One In The Wilderness

Sal Salis Nigaloo Reef, Australia

Nestled between the dunes of the Cape Range National Park, you will find Sal Salis Nigaloo Reef. Leave your luggage at one of the 16 wilderness tents that give you a breathtaking view of the bush and the beach. Sleep between organic cotton sheets, bathe with soaps made from local herbs and stay cool on your terrace thanks to the fresh sea breeze.


The One With Jungle Dishes

Awasi Iguazu, Argentina

This eco-friendly retreat near the mighty Iguazu Falls was determined to create a tiny footprint. So tiny in fact, that it even put its villas on stilts so as not to damage the landscape. Traditional textiles and baskets woven by the indigenous Guarani people fill each room and the jungle provides some of the ingredients that you will find in your gastronomic dishes.


The One That’s 100 Per Cent Solar Powered

Six Senses Fiji

When you’ve got year round sunshine, there’s no excuse not to have a solar-powered resort. When you’re practising your downward dog on the treetop yoga platform, making a splash in your villa’s private pool or relaxing in the spa, you can be safe in the knowledge that the luxury island resort is doing its best to stay green as it’s powered by the sun’s energy, which is then stored in Tesla batteries.

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