While the Americans may have Thanksgiving every November, Danes have it every day.

According to the UN’s World Happiness Report for 2016, Denmark is officially the happiest country on Earth. While the tiny Scandinavian nation topped this year’s poll for having a strong social support system, low corruption figures and high personal freedom, we reckon that the following facts add to their love of life too…  


1 Danes are powered by a super drink… Danes are crazy about blending cold milk with salty licorice. This protein-packed drink has a sharp, sour flavour, its nutritious contents not only boost bone strength, but thanks to the fact it contains licorice, it’s good for the digestion too.

2 Danes have a great team spirit… They have a special word called “hygge”, which means togetherness.

3 Danes have the world’s best restaurant… Rene Redzepi’s famed Noma can be found in Copenhagen. Serving up shrimps on a rock pool of pebbles, it’s no wonder they keep taking home the trophies.



4 Danes have created elevated road for bicycles… Those Danes don’t have to fear for their lives on the streets – they can take one of the VIP lanes that offer them a smooth ride through the streets of Copenhagen.

5 Danes can go on mountain bike rides without getting achy legs… Denmark is practically flat.

6 Danes never have bad weather.. they believe that a bad day is down to bad clothing.

7 Danes have possibly the best lager in the world… While it may only have a small population, Denmark is the fifth largest exporter of food in the world. Famed brands include the mouthwatering Danish Crown and Carlsberg.

Velorbis bike

8 Danes own LEGO… The world’s most powerful brand was born on their shores. Tots in Denmark have been living in Legoland since 1949.

9 Danes have the best fairy tales… The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Little Mermaid was written by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen.

10 Danes say thank you – a lot… Children are taught to show gratitude to their parents 24/7. While the Americans may have Thanksgiving every November, Danes have it every day.

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