This Himalayan country is also the home of snow leopards

Looking for a destination that is off the tourist track? Head to these remote, beautiful destinations that are soon to be on everyone’s radar…



Why Go: From its new hipster capital of Tbilisi to its wild mountain scenery, this former Soviet country is now throwing open its doors to visitors and is ready to be explored.



Why Go: Head to the wild, wild West of the USA to discover a countryside that is rich in scenery, culture and adventure. And thanks to luxe ranches such as Paws Up, you will be more than ready to sleep under canvas.



Why Go: If the idea of white water rafting or trekking doesn’t have you rushing to this high-altitude destination, what about the fact that this Himalayan hideaway is also the home of snow leopards?



Why Go: It’s just opened its first five-star hotel on Havelock Island and it has a swimming elephant! It really is one of the best islands in Asia.

Andaman Island



Why Go: Cairo is welcoming a new St Regis hotel and a new state-of-the-art museum, but if you want to see another side of Egypt, trek through the Sinai Desert, climb mount Sinai and camp beneath the stars.

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Why Go: With one of the lowest populations in the world, you really will be able to get away from it all in Mongolia. There are signs of change, including a new Shangri-la hotel in the capital. Go now before the rest of the world discovers it.




Why Go: Aysen is in the centre of glacier country. Half of its land is protected by public and private parks. It is also where you’ll find Patagonia Park launched by North Face’s late founder Doug Tompkins.

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Why Go: The former drug capitals of Medellín and Cali have been put in the green zone by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Colombia also has a lost city that’s 650 years older than Machu Picchu, a subterranean salt cathedral and is home to world-renown artist Bottero.



Why Go: A new president has brought new reforms, which means that it’s a lot easier to travel around this country. If you are from Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, you don’t even need a visa. The country comes with UNESCO sites and Silk Road history as well as high-speed trains that will take you to the Karakum Desert. Uzbekistan is the perfect place to have an adventure.

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Why Go: Tasmania wants to be the world destination for eco-tourism. A billion dollars been earmarked for hotel developments. So beat the rush to this wild island that is already proving to be Australia’s hottest food hub.


Photography: Istock, Wikifree

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