While there is no shortage of beautiful islands to stay on in the Maldives, something has to be said for being able to sail amongst them at will. Explore tiny isles that are empty of resorts and people, picnic on a completely deserted stretch of beach, and fall asleep to the gentle rocking of the waves.

Luxury boats abound in the Maldives and we have selected a few of our favourites to choose from. The Sultans of the Sea are a series of sleek yachts that sleep up to ten people, while Dhaainkan’baa is slightly larger and boasts a jacuzzi pool on deck.

Lightfoot Holidays are 100% tailor-made, so give us a call to charter your own personalised voyage through the Maldives aboard one of these exclsive yachts.

Properties for Yachts & Liveaboards in the Maldives