We’ve partnered with Lindblad Expeditions to bring you a handpicked portfolio of extraordinary luxury cruises in that most varied of continents: Europe.

Skip between islands sun soaked Mediterranean aboard the technologically advanced National Geographic Orion. Skirt the craggy coasts of Ireland or the windswept wild shores of Wales and western England or explore the heritage sites and medieval ruins of Central Europe and the Low Countries. These are just a preview of the finely crafted, once-in-a-lifetime itineraries available to you.

Your vessel for European discovery will be the National Geographic Orion, a luxurious, state-of-the-art expedition ship with 53 cabins. All cruises will feature renowned experts from National Geographic including historians, scientist, explorers and prominent photographers.

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Properties for Luxury Europe Cruises

A Selection of Luxury Europe Cruises Itineraries

North Pole Icebreaker Cruise


Reaching the North & South Poles is at the pinnacle of Polar exploration, cruise through the Arctic pack ice on board the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear icebreaker.The 50 Y…

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