From the observation deck of your decommissioned research vessel, a dramatic ice kingdom unfolds. Hulking frozen peninsulas drift past you, seals sunbathing on their icy shores. Narwhal whales duel off the starboard side under the gaze of a stalking polar bear. This is the Arctic Circle, a frozen domain shaped and ruled by the power of nature.

In collaboration with the leading specialist polar cruise providers, Lightfoot Travel has designed a portfolio of adventurous, luxury and once-in-a-lifetime cruises in one of the most remote areas of our planet. Most cruises start in the northern extremities of Scandinavia, navigating the landscapes of Svalbard – the setting for many-a BBC wildlife documentary – before moving deeper into the glacial and otherworldly Circle. Customised expeditions can include activities like photography tours, kayaking, helicopter tours and even ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicles) trips.

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Properties for Luxury Arctic Voyages

A Selection of Luxury Arctic Voyages Itineraries

North Pole Icebreaker Cruise


Reaching the North & South Poles is at the pinnacle of Polar exploration, cruise through the Arctic pack ice on board the world’s largest and most powerful nuclear icebreaker.The 50 Y…

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