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Arctic Bath

Arctic Bath


Arctic Bath is a one-of-a-kind magical hotel found on the Lule River in Sweden’s Swedish Lapland. Completely unique by design, this floating hotel works in symbiosis with its natural surroundings to become a part of the landscape in summer and winter. 

With just twelve rooms on offer, the hotel is small and intimate. Each room includes a private terrace and has been designed to encompass natural materials in such a way that it mimics the feeling of sleeping under the stars.

With a focus on wellness, the hotel restaurant offers an array of dishes created using local ingredients. Carefully designed menus are set each day with each meal being healthy and nutritious. 

A highlight of Arctic Bath in Sweden is its unique spa. Take a dip in the open-air cold bath watching the stars or indulge in a spa treatment where only natural and organic Kerstin Florian products are used to soothe and rejuvenate.

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Why we recommend Arctic Bath

Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland, Sweden is unlike anywhere else in the world. The first floating hotel and spa of its kind, the focus here is on wellness treatments, but its just as exciting to be in the Arctic, where the buildings float all year round. The treatments go above and beyond, and guests can try a traditional sauna experience – jumping between cold and hot-water baths. Only for the brave!

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