Where to go in May

Amalfi Coast
Where to go when

For a fabulous holiday without the summer crowds, May is a great time to travel. Europe is a dream destination with Lisbon, Spain and the Amalfi Coast attracting those looking for a sophisticated sojourn with lashings of culture and great cuisine. Yunnan and Tibet are magical in the spring as the mercury rises. For those who really like it hot, Jordan’s lost city of Petra and the haunting Wadi Rum will not disappoint. Meanwhile, Hawaii has it all for families and multi-generation groups who are looking for a holiday with all the beachy trimmings.

Best Destinations For May
Hanoi, Mai Chau & Ha Long Bay

While Vietnam’s capital is rapidly developing, it still maintains its colonial charm. Explore the city’s backstreets, wander the markets, palaces and museums, sip coffee overlooking the frenzy of daily life and visit historic sites. Afterwards,  spend a few days at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay.

Amalfi Coast

Stretching for a seemingly endless 50km of deep blue perfection, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Drive along the road that clings to the sea, marvel at the limestone cliffs and quaint seaside towns, and stop to refuel with some of the country’s finest cuisine.


Pristine beaches, kaleidoscopic coral reefs, trekking opportunities and a fresh influx of glamorous hotels are luring couples, families and honeymooners with adventurous spirits to Hawaii. Enjoy surfing, swimming and fishing alongside getting horizontal and relaxing on the sands that this island are so famous for.


While Java is home to frenetic Jakarta, there are plenty of non-city escapes throughout the island. May is the perfect time to hike up volcanoes, marvel at the rainforest and savannah, visit coffee plantations, learn about traditions in art, music and dance, and get lost amidst the temple complex of Borobudur.

Luxury Holidays in Botswana

Book a planet-friendly escape to Botswana in May - the place to go for national parks and reserves where the wildlife roams free. The landscapes here are incredibly diverse, from the waters of the world’s largest inland delta to the Kalahari desert. Enjoy nature drives, hiking, luxurious camps and learning about conservation.

Luxury Holidays in Spain

Clement weather, beautiful scenery, fantastic cuisine and stylish hotels and villas make Spain one of the best May destinations for couples and families. Culture awaits in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, and as the 5,000 miles of coastline is home to thousands of beaches, guests can always locate a secluded strip of sand.

Luxury Tibet Holidays

Tibet hasn’t always been easily accessible to travellers, but new airports, infrastructure and swish boutique hotels are paving the way for tourism. Witness monasteries that hum with the chanting of monks, explore Shigatse’s winding paved alleyways, and Lhasa’s spectacular sites and marketplace. Go trekking, soak up the spirituality and rejuvenate your soul.

Northwest Argentina

Though off the beaten track, Northwest Argentina still remains amongst the most enchanting parts of South America to explore. Expect colonial cities, sand dunes, multi-coloured hills, volcanoes, sweeping deserts and valleys. Wild and free, let the pure May air and soothing silences provide an unparralled holiday experience.

Luxury Holidays in Malawi

In addition to safari opportunities, raw and authentic Malawi continues to enthral with its diversity: Lake Malawi (the third biggest lake in Africa), the Great Rift Valley, Mt Mulanje and the Zomba Plateau are just a few sites to tick off your bucket list.

Luxury Holidays in Portugal

Portugal is at peak popularity. Set against the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is enthralling visitors with its wooden trams, baroque streets, timeworn traditions and sun-kissed districts. When not exploring with a custard tart in hand, the island’s scenery, botanical wonders, seaside resorts and reliable weather make this the ideal spring sojourn.

Luxury Holidays in Jordan

Visit Jordan in May and prepare for warm temperatures and wildflowers. Spring marks the best time for a getaway and the lost city of Petra should top your list, followed by the haunting Wadi Rum. Don’t miss the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba for some spa and beach time.


Bordered by Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Tibet, southwest China’s Yunnan province is a beautiful May destination. Pretty scenery, picturesque towns, mountainous ranges and colourful people provide an old-world and relaxing charm. Visit pagodas, hike through forested valleys, glimpse local life in dusty lanes and feel your stress levels fall.

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