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Where to go in June

London - United Kingdom
Where to go when

The start of summer means that Europe is warming up and visitors can still avoid the major crowds when you travel in June. Relax away from the throngs on the pretty Cote d’Azur, soak up the incredible culture and stunning architecture in Barcelona, and take a chance on the United Kingdom where heritage, history and hip cities await. Further afield, June is the ideal time to explore the mighty Amazon in Brazil, trek the hills of Bolivia , search for oranguntans in Borneo, or kick off your shoes to soak up some barefoot luxury on the paradise island of Fiji.

Best Destinations For June
Luxury Holidays in Alaska

Escape to the great outdoors of Alaska where alpine forests, volcanoes, wildlife and glaciers will whisk you away from the daily routine. Board one of Lindblad Expeditions’ ships and embark on a voyage where big ships cannot go. Don’t miss Glacier Bay National Park where you can spot bald eagles, Steller sea lions and orcas.

Côte d'Azur

Avoid the busy summer months and opt for a June getaway to France. Head for coastal towns like Frejus, Agay and Eze where you can tour the back roads while marvelling at the lavender fields, olive groves and mountains. Enjoy the beaches, browse the markets and art, and spend evenings sampling seductive Mediterranean dishes.


Barcelona is an enchanting all-round destination mixing beach, culture, dining and history. In June the summer crowds haven’t quite arrived, and you can visit the city’s famous landmarks in more comfort. After dark, head for a Michelin-starred restaurant or family-run tapas bar with racy rhythms of flamenco in the background.

Luxury Holidays in United Kingdom

When planning for England June is the month where you’re less likely to require an umbrella. Packed with history, heritage and glorious regional diversity there’s something for all. From Oxford's spires to Liverpool’s Docks, the cities are the main attractions. London is of course the major player where museums, theatres, parks and royal residences provide endless entertainment.

Luxury Malaysian Borneo Holidays

Diving, hiking and wildlife encounters are Borneo’s main attraction. Bask in the humidity of a real equatorial rainforest, come face to face with orangutans, dive the waters surrounding the world-famous Sipadan Island, scale towering Mt Kinabalu and then descend to the beach for a few days of pure relaxation.

Brazilian Amazon

Visiting the Earth’s lung is a once-in-a-lifetime journey and June is the ideal time for it. Witness wildlife on a jungle tour, or cruise along the river tributaries amidst the dense jungles that flank the shores. Look for pink river dolphins and learn about the locals, conservation and culture as you go.

Luxury Bolivia Holidays

One of the lesser-visited countries in Latin America, travelling through Bolivia is a real adventure. With mountain ranges that offer excellent trekking, lush jungles and of course, the famous Salar de Uyuni (the world’s biggest and most impressive salt flat), Bolivia offers visitors a surreal and unforgettable experience.

Luxury Holidays in Tanzania

Looking for a summer holiday that encapsulates wildlife, adventure and beach? Begin your Tanzania holiday with one of the best safari experiences available, continue on to Mount Kilimanjaro to scale the continent’s highest peak and lastly, book up for some down-time in Zanzibar where pure relaxation is the order of the day.

Luxury Holidays in Fiji

Want a beach without boredom? With over 300 islands in the Fijian archipelago, there’s plenty of sand to go around, and a host of exhilarating activities for all ages. Discover uninhabited islands, snorkel a rainbow of soft corals, catch a wave at a top surf break or try kayaking.

Las Vegas & Desert National Parks

The USA’s national parks showcase America at its most magnificent. Experience an authentic away-from-it-all feel as you hike Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon. See granite cliffs, waterfalls, winding rivers and coastal terrain, and lose yourself in the splendid views and unadulterated wilderness.

Luxury Holidays in Greece

The blue and white world of Greece comes shrouded in myth and legend; Classical ruins remain preserved in the sun and blue-domed churches cling to craggy cliffs above golden beaches. Island hop around cerulean waters on a private yacht and while away your days in secluded villages steeped in Mediterranean life.

Luxury Holidays to Australia

Australia offers many holiday options for June. Head to the Great Barrier Reef to dive and snorkel amongst the world’s largest coral reef system, then continue to the Whitsunday Islands for yachting and beach time. For luxe camping and spectacular wildlife, June offers a last chance to see whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.

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