Where to go in April

Where to go when

April is a perfect month for going further afield, especially if you can incorporate your trip to coincide with the Easter holidays. The Caribbean and Mauritius are good options for families who want to relax and enjoy quality time together, and Western Australia and Egypt offer a host of sightseeing and activities for all age groups. Japan is beautiful at this time of year as the sakura trees are in bloom and the climate makes it comfortable to explore. Vietnam, Morocco and Oman are also great destinations for those seeking something special with a side of culture.

Best Destinations For April
Luxury Holidays To Japan

Come April, Japan reaches peak prettiness as most of sakura trees are in full bloom and the temperatures cool down. While Tokyo thrills with its ancient traditions, unique culture and creative buzz, do venture beyond the city. Watch a geisha dance in Kyoto, hike through the picturesque countryside and stay at traditional ryokan.

Hue, Hoi An & Danang

Vietnam is ideal for those looking for both beach and culture. Hue impresses with its abundant history and peaceful streets that are perfect for cycling. Hoi An charms with its strong heritage, cobbled lanes, talented tailors and vibrant dining scene, and Da Nang serves up a long stretch of beach and luxury resorts.

Luxury Holidays in Oman

Bring the tales of Arabian Nights to life on an April holiday in Oman, with its sandcastle-shaped forts, craggy mountains, arid deserts and turquoise waters. Muscat wows with its Arabian market atmosphere, young and old can enjoy turtle-watching in Ras Al Jinz, and there’s hiking and biking to be done at Jebel Shams.

Costa Verde

Brazil’s Atlantic Coast from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro is a fabulous stretch to see in April. Dozens of cities, historical buildings, tumbling waterfalls, hiking trails, impressive mountains and white-sand beaches await, with the option to do as much or as little as you please. Let Lightfoot Travel tailor a trip entirely to your needs.

Luxury Holidays in Morocco

Morocco is a magical destination for April. Cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fez captivate with their historic architecture and exotic way of life. Outdoorsy types can hike in the Atlas Mountains, while the Sahara Desert transports you into nature where you can languish next to a fire under starry night skies.

Luxury Holidays in Turkey

Turkey's Cappadocia is a fascinating destination. Stay in a luxury hotel built within the network of caves that lie beneath the city, soar over the fairy chimneys in a hot air balloon and marvel at the frescoes and passageways underground. Istanbul and the Turkish Riviera are also lovely throughout April.

Luxury Holidays To Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan exudes peace, happiness and natural beauty. A truly magical place, expect open landscapes, welcoming people and a magical culture that has remained for centuries. It also offers superb hiking, from casual trails to one of the most challenging hikes in the world - the Snowman Trek. 

Egypt Luxury Holidays

Avoid Egypt’s heatwave by experiencing it at its most comfortable in April. Boasting the monumental pyramids of Giza, the captivating River Nile and the coral reefs of the Red Sea, there is something for all. The beaches and luxury resorts of the Sinai Peninsula are excellent if all you want is unadulterated relaxation.

Luxury Holidays in the Caribbean

Discover the beauty, hidden treasures and distinct cultures of the Caribbean. Whether you want to chill on the picture-perfect sands of a Jamaican beach, enjoy sailing, diving, swimming and kite surfing in Antigua, explore the Barbados capital of Bridgetown or trek your way through the jungle of St. Lucia, the options are endless.

Ecuador & The Galapagos Holidays

Love wildlife? Then make April the month that you make it to the Galapagos Islands. Best experienced aboard a cruise that allows you to reach the most untouched regions, here you can swim with seals, get close to the world’s largest tortoises and observe the Blue Footed Booby close-up. Indeed, an entire undiscovered world awaits…

Chile Luxury Holidays

Chile amazes with its diversity. Santiago is a cosmopolitan and fun city oozing colonial charm; the majestic icebergs and craggy peaks of Patagonia will blow you away; and the Atacama Desert – the driest place on Earth - is a dream destination for outdoors and nature lovers. Pack extra energy and prepare for adventure.

Luxury Holidays to Mauritius

With its 330km of pristine coastline fringed by coconut palms overlooking saphirre -blue waters, Mauritius offers outstanding beauty. The country is also blessed with remarkable biodiversity so the diving and snorkelling is terrific, and there’s a wonderful selection of luxury resorts. Whether you want a family holiday or honeymoon, prepare for paradise.

Western Australia

Western Australia’s vast wilderness is best explored aboard a cruise, which can take you to places that are otherwise unreachable. Discover the region's endemic wildlife and aboriginal art, marvel at the Horizontal Waterfalls, hike the rugged terrain and soar above it in a helicopter that sets off straight from the ship. 

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